Ok, my first post eh? Mm what can I put? Its hard to choose from all the thoughts in my brain right now. Shall we start on a lovely note?

 I’ll just say thanks to everyone that supports me, the Play Team and Network at Bath and North East Somerset council for being wonderful.

Thanks to Meynell for being just ‘Meynell’ and sharing all his wisdom with our class and nearly every playworker in the country! Thanks to all the influential writers and pioneers in the field, who even though they are stars, will always have time to answer my questions – Morgan Leichter-Saxby, Marc Armitage, Maggie Fearns, Arthur Battram, Eddie Nuttell – to name a few. I can’t believe how much of a giant family Playwork is and you never feel alone! thanks for everyone close to me for supporting what im passionate about, and also listening to my rants about children’s need to play! They will never stop I’m afraid.

There we go, my first post. This is going to be hard, I will just have to write about everything!!

Peace out

Lil x x x