i hope everyones had a playful weekend, i sure have.

today me and some children took full advantage of the sunshine, as soon as i arrived we were making tealight holders. i had nicked the idea off a fellow playworker, who had been selling them to raise money for Threeways School in Bath. i had been collecting glass jars for a while, bought some glass paints and some thin wire from my local crafty shop Rose Crafts in Midsomer Norton. the kids were very excited when they seen me with the tray full of jars. we soaked them in warm water to get the glue off and got started. the painting was the fun bit for them but the tricky bit of tying the handles around the top was left to the adult due to impatience kicking in! we made several, two of which of course were keepers, and managed to cheekily sell the rest to punters in the local pub. some people heard the word ‘charity’ and just gave the children money without taking the jar!

so after a couple of crafty hours we wanted to chill, because i think kids can enjoy a structured activity for only so long, then they just want to break free. so i didnt want to expect to much labour out of them! they were pleased with themselves after raising £15.70 for their school’s playground, for a toy or something that could be taken out during playtime for everyone to use. we spent the rest of the afternoon playing games like grass-whistling, sleeping lions (with a lot of cheating as always), superheroes, cloud-naming (which was hilarious – ‘lizard wearing a tutu’ was one!), piggy-in-the-middle, chopping away ‘evil’ stinging nettles and some footie skills with a very sore right foot due to being shoeless.

my favourite thing that happened today had to be when we were making the tealight holders and there was a little boy sat near us. he was playing with his mum and she was watching him with ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ like mums do, (i do the ‘wow’ thing) and he dawdled near us as we were lost in concentration. he just stared in awe, so we welcomed him in and asked what did he want on his glass jar. he sat down with a big smile across his face – that i noticed also had a huge scuff staggered up the middle of it. he was so keen to inform us of how he got the scratch, and i was all ‘oohs’ and ‘wows’. he was about to pick up the paintbrush and his dad called him over for his lunch, he ran off and scoffing his lunch very quickly barely swallowing he was back in five minutes! the older kids tried to help by doing it for him like alot of us do without realising, but i said- ‘Hang on, hes OK guys just let him do it himself’. he was so elated with the item, it was probably the highlight of his day. it was quite comical seeing him walk away with a giant coffee jar with a big ‘M’ painted on it and heaps of glitter smothered all over. he sat down next to his dad who commented on the amount of glitter he had in his hair and went to brush it off, but he leant back and said ‘No! i like being glittery!’

a bit of creativity each day is good for the soul, but when you can make money out if it, its even better!