So! I’m off to the charming ‘City of Opportunities’ tomorrow – Dublin. I’m extremely excited. I have travelled to the land of leprechauns before a couple of times and had thoroughly enjoyed myself. But this trip will be not like any other, I will be contributing this week to our very magnificent field – Playwork. This Study Tour arranged by Meynell Games team, will be an opportunity to see how the Irish do PLAY. Play is everywhere. You will find it in the tree-tops of the amazon rain-forest, you will see it in your local Tesco car park. You may even see it (just possibly) in parks, playgrounds and schools… But its how the people ‘above’ treats it that matters. So in regards to culture, the economy and attitudes, we can see what other countries do with play and its humongous importance! The trip will involve visits to playful places, non-playful places and our own play-places where we just want to have a Guinness. But I have had a sneaky peek at what the Dublin peeps say about play and it seems all quite great actually. But! The question is, they may talk the talk but can they walk the balance beam?


We won’t know until we have a good look around, so for me it’ll be 6 days, and one of these days i’m going to be wearing my “I love Dublin” shirt. I know, CRINGE Lily- but it has to be done. I look forward to seeing some fabulous spaces for play and some fabulous play in spaces. I would like to witness some not so good stuff as its useful to us as researchers to see both ends of the sword. I want to see two playgrounds in particular, newly developed Palmerston Park Playground and Belgrave Square Park, both in Dublin and both have had A LOT of money spent on them.

Also, I’d like to pay a visit to the ARK Cultural Centre for children to explore the Arts. This intrigued me, haven’t been to a ‘cultural centre’ before, don’t quite know what to expect. This area would especially appeal to me, as i’m very supportive of the Arts in schools and plan to base next years Fine Art dissertation on it.


So, the day ahead will be drying, ironing and packing, oh and de-hairing everything i’m packing because of the ginger cat that likes to cat-apult herself off my washing dryers (ere, like the pun?)…


Will be blogging throughout next week, so stay tuned folks and hopefully I will have some ‘spreagthach’ reflections on children’s play.


Peace out x