I was anxious about my journey to Dublin as it was going to be a lone trip, and I usually just follow friends and family around the airport and not think twice about where I’m going. But I am here now, in one peice, relaxing in my quite charming little townhouse en-suite. The ceiling is high which is lovely because it makes the room seem bigger and more airy and theres a pretty marble table to put my laptop on.

I was so glad when I started queuing up to get on the plane earlier today, to meet a lovely woman called Dawn Shoebridge. She shared the same annoyance at the fact that little old ladies were struggling to place their hand luggage into the container to check it fits, and the miserable staff just stood and watched as they pull and tug. “Thats what you get from a budget airline these days” she scowled.

We boarded the plane and got into a wonderful conversation about the world of Playwork. We talked about my work, my studies, her work and our families. It turns out Dawn is A CLOWN! I laughed thinking she was joking, because I looked at her face trying to picture her with a full face of make-up! But she went on to say shes an entertainer and organises children’s parties. It was lovely to hear her talk about the expressions on the dear little faces whilst she makes magnificent creations with a balloon or two. She said she was from Dublin, so I took this opportunity to ask her wheres the best places for a Playwork Study Tour to visit. She suggested Malahide Castle where they have a playground situated in the castle. I said I had seen a Council Estate online that had just had a complete make-over and had been built with a play-space included (which apparently is the done-thing now). Yay. So Fatima Mansions may be a possible visit, it’ll be good to see places in Dublin that have had a turn-around and have transformed children’s lives.

I am now awaiting the other’s arrival in the hotel, so we can start the trip officially (now that I’m here)!!

Will speak later alligator…


Lily xxx