“Is this your only dolly Kadie?”

“No I have these”, She shows me her soft bodied rag-dolls with the clothes sewn in. One has yellow hair and the other bright orange.

“Have you not got another like this one?” I’m holding ‘Bebe’ a soft body/hard head type of doll.

“Yeah I have but I don’t really like them.”

“How come?” I asked.

“Well they’ve not got a very good sense of humour like Bebe has, they just cry all the time like this, ‘waa waa waaa’!”

“Ah right ok”

“Umm yeah, she laughs a lot”

“She’s a happy baby then?” I asked Kadie.

“Yeah she is quite happy most of the time.”

I dress the doll in her 3 layers of snazzy outfits and help the girl pack the nappies, bottle and bag onto the buggy. Her brother offers to help carry the pushchair down the stairs and off we went for a sunny day out.

Bebe went bowling, had a slushie, had a roast dinner and played on the swings today.