This Thursday I will be back at Paulton Infants School, not for scrap fun this time – but for an play with nature session as part of their art/maths week! (Yes, strange combination). I’ve received some great ideas from Jane at Play England, who suggests bringing nature into the playground by trying to get them outdoors, instead of in the classroom. So I will be on the hunt this week for anything natural with different textures, colours, sizes and smells… my parents house will most likely have a fantastic range of collectibles in their garden. I hope the weather is dry so the children can play with nature outdoors rather than in the limited space of a classroom.

Coming back to the scrap-play, I’ll be transporting all my wonderful (and a tad mouldy) things for some play at Welton Primary School which is just up the road from my house. I’m being told off by the housing association for storing it all in the shared bike shed- oops! Lets see how the children respond these flexible items when they pour out onto the playground this time round.