Tomorrow is the last wednesday morning of Level 3 I will have to attend… I will be bringing scrummy cakes to mark the occasion and have impressed myself on the speed of the bake. My friends left after having dinner at my house, around 10.30pm and the cakes were ready by 11pm. I’m just too good. I thought I’d name these Snot Cakes, due to the green food colouring added just for the hell of it.

Enough about cake, I will be very sad next year not to be visiting my group and Meynell every Wednesday at 9am. I really look forward to these classes and I really enjoy myself whilst I’m there. It led me to consider doing a Masters in Playwork, but then I think about all the money I would be spending on doing it, and the lack of wages another year later. I think I’ll be happy with my Level 3 and a Degree in Fine Art and maybe leave it at that. I can’t wait to find a full time job that I can really sink my teeth into and commit to just one project in my life, rather than juggling like a mad woman like I’m so used to doing in the past couple of years.

Thanks goes to Meynell for his weird wisdom and his inspirational stories. We won’t miss his bare feet, his joy of throwing pens at me, and his taste for raw salmon and croissant in the morning! He has really opened our eyes up to seeing children in a completely different way and to appreciate the magical moments in childhood which are usually seen as ‘negative’ or ‘naughty’. I’ve surprised myself at times of my preconceptions of certain types of play being wrong and I have learnt to see the children’s play that you know someone else is going to intervene in or yell about, yet I’m going to observe and make the point to the adult that its ok because…

I look forward to a completely different attitude and professional approach this summer and I just hope I can pass on what I’ve learnt this year to others, hopefully changing how they think too.

Bye bye Playwork Heroes and enjoy your Snot Cake xxx