After a couple of weeks of negotiating and collecting scrap and supplies like a blue-assed fly, getting signatures and chatting to my neighbours, I’m very excited about tomorrow. But also quite nervous, no butterflies yet, but those don’t come until the last minute. I’m closing road at 10am, so car has to be unpacked and moved, shed emptied, hallway cleared, gazebos up, camera set, signs up, barriers ready – all before 9.30am. Then will have a cuppa and breathe.

I’ve had some really lovely conversations with people regarding the street play amongst my neighbours and outside. The people I’ve met have been so supportive and positive, others a bit wary. But those that aren’t too bothered or haven’t appeared to be, I’m hoping will really get a lot out of tomorrow. The fact that some of them will be letting their kids play out for the FIRST time ever, and will be talking to other adults that they’ve barely nodded to up until now.

The companies, small businesses, friends and family who have collected for me, donated materials, and picked up things for me I’m sooo grateful. One printing company called CFH gave me 5 boxes of paper! Not any old paper but thick quality paper, tape, lovely quality a3 and ‘kids paper’ with the holes down the sides. Wads of it. I know its nothing to most but to a scavenging playworker and art student who LOVES free stuff, this is very exciting. The only expenses I have had is obviously petrol driving round with a very heavy car, (seriously need a van) and bought tape, pens, chalk, string, pegs etc today from discount store. But as its for my art work I’m happy to pay out.

Most people are so willing to help and they take your number so they can call you the next time they have something. Some were confused at the word ‘scrap’. Because I think to us in these kind of jobs see scrap and see all sorts of things, random crazy things that others may see as waste. Many people say oh you mean boxes, yeah… But also things like tubes, tubs, buckets, linen, fabrics, strange plastic shapes, foam, rubber, rope, tarps…the list goes on. I managed to find really random stuff from a building site, I drove past as I was leaving a Jewsons (went in to rummage through their skips and cheekily ask if they’d donate a bucket or two) and came across a site full of odds and ends! At this point my car was over-spilling and with no use of the handbrake anymore because of the huge box covering it! But I rearranged, got permission and went through asking ‘what about this thing’.

Anyway, got lots to do tomorrow so going to switch brain off for tonight and get up nice and early. So everybody, may I ask you please to think sunny, dry thoughts. Thank you.

L xxx