Tonight I volunteered at the local Christmas fayre, at the scooter party organised by our local Play Team. There was around 20 kids scooting into the leisure centre ready to ‘bling’ up their wheels for the parade with Santa!

The kids had been hard at work with their scooters blinged and they were now sparkling, so we stopped for a break and the Play Team had put on a yummy buffet. There was a competition for best dressed scooter and biggest helper, so the kids (who were unfortunately kept in the hall because of the bad weather) zoomed round and showed the judges their tricks.

Santa was called by big voices and in walked in a old man with a dodgy beard. All the little faces lit up and as he was talking their eyes just gazed at him hanging off every word.

I packed up and met the rest of the group at the Methodist on the High-street, then the parade began. Didn’t last long, but the kids at the front leading Santa looked so proud. We had put Santa on an adapted bike which had a wheelchair on the front, which he had ‘squeezed’ into!

Watch the video (if it works), it was lovely and all Christmassy. Shame it rained because the teens really missed out, they were supposed to have their own party on the skate park with prizes for the best fancy dress. Next year will be bigger and better weather hopefully!