“Oh my god its really hurting now!”

The girl screeches as her hand develops a pinky colour. A game I used to enjoy as a child whilst riding in the car but to me it wasn’t a game as such, I suppose it was something I just did. Testing my pain threshold, seeing how far I could push it, I would dangle my hand out of the car window. Driving along the wind chill would hit my little fingers hard, enjoying the relief when bringing it back inside the warm and saying “feel how cold my hand is!!” to my fellow passengers.

Today the two children in the back-seat were delving in a bit of ‘deep play’. Their father is confused at his children’s game when the girls boasts about how cold her hand is, “Ok, that’s weird”. Yeah suppose it is to us adults, I don’t reckon I’d want to do it now, I wouldn’t feel the need to. But as a child, there is a need for it. The children in the back are creating a game ‘Who can keep their hand out the longest’… I’m driving but listening in, glancing at the little hands flapping around in my side-view mirrors. I smile as they say things like, “It really hurts but I really want to win!”, and “You put your right hand out…the window…you put your right hand in…the window, and you shake it all about…you do the hokey kokey and you turn around…that’s what its all abouuut!”

I keep a watchful eye to make sure their arm isn’t hanging out too far, but I keep my mouth shut. We get near home and I say “who wins if we get home in a minute?”

“Well we will just wait and see!”

“Ooh you better watch out your hand may drop off!” I teased.

“Will it actually…fall off?” She takes a look at the now, very pink hand.
“No of course not!”

Bet your wondering who won this weird and wonderful test of pain and willingness. Well neither, because as I pointed out they both had to leave the car at the same time. So was it all in vain? No course not, they’re play is valuable, whatever it is.