I’m currently led here feeling sorry for myself in the aftermath of running 13 miles yesterday. A day I’m very proud of and will definetly repeat next year but I’ll be sure to train with longer runs and prepare my leg and feet muscles better! The buzz of the crowds keeps you going and the ranges of emotions you go through is quite amusing. I am on my way to £300 for my employer SWALLOW who support adults with learning difficulties. I’m unable to walk normally and am bum-shuffling down the stairs unable to go back up again. Which isn’t too helpful today when I have a workshop to prepare for tomorrow and haven’t packed my bags yet. My washing isn’t dry and half of its not even been washed! Waddling to the salon was embarrasing as I had pensioners overtaking me on the pavement, a reminder of yesterday’s race.

Despite the moans and groans I am very excited about tomorrow and Wednesday’s Conference in Eastborne. I will be facilitating an on-going artwork of images of children playing on a very, very large canvas using charcoal and acrylic paints. Hopefully I’ll be able to pop along to some talks and will have to be part of the Ireland Study Tour talk on the Tuesday morning. I’m a real foody so I always find meal times to be the most joyous part of the day! Since being a ‘pesky’ since September I’m looking forward to seeing what veggie options they’ll have on offer.

Right, so to get organised I need to peel myself off this sofa and start to use my muscles again.