ImageThese were the posts that my super dad made for me to attach the work onto. I initially placed them around the room to see what shape i’d like the work to be displayed. 


ImageThis was my interactive area for the children to replicate the idea of large scale drawing but with giant pavement chalk – love the stuff! 

ImageThe images from the workshops were played on a slideshow to show the parents how the artwork was made. I liked the simple stage-process that the whole project took, it made it easier to digest and in terms of my uni work gave me space to think in between about formatting the events into my own pieces of work.



This is the finished display. It was a very fiddly job to put up, but once it was up it looked great. The double sided feature meant people could walk all around and see different work, the fact that the sheets of paper were worked on from all around the edge, caused half the work to be ‘upside down’. This was fun watching the audience tilt their head to view it.

I will post some photographs taken from the event, which were taken by the lovely Abigail Martin from our school, Bath School of Art. Her email address is